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Memoir Service starting at approximately $20/page.

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Initial Package of 6 Sessions

$1995 — This package includes 6 sessions, taking place over the course of a couple of months. I will guide you through a series of thoughtful, reflective questions to capture your life story.  Each interview is recorded and professionally transcribed. Then I will take the oral reports and edit them into a cohesive, readable narrative. You provide your edits and corrections as well, until we create a finished manuscript you are happy with. You will receive a copy of this when the process is completed.

Additional Sessions

If, after the first 6 sessions, you feel you would like more time to cover more material and expand the breadth of your project, additional sessions are available at a discounted rate:

6 Sessions for $1549

3 Sessions for $695

1 Session for $295




Book Creation Package

Pricing Varies — Once your manuscript is complete, you can choose to take the next step and turn it into a book that can be shared with your loved ones for generations to come. Package includes book formatting, cover design, and photographs, if desired. Printing is available in comb-binding, paperback, and hard back. Pricing varies depending upon the specific design and elements you choose.

Writing Coaching

If you enjoy writing and would like to write your story yourself, but are unsure of how to accomplish the task, writing coaching is available as well. I will be your biggest champion, and will assist you in clarifying your vision, setting goals, and creating a plan to meet your goals. Writing is an incredibly rewarding experience, and the process can be greatly enhanced by having a positive partner to cheer you on. Packages of 1 hour coaching sessions are available at the rates below:

6 Sessions for $295

3 Sessions for $165

1 Session for $65